Electronic Resources from the Women’s Bureau

“Why Green is Your Color:  A Woman’s Guide to a Sustainable Career,”

is designed to increase women’s awareness and access to high-growth and emerging industry occupations in the green jobs sector nationwide.  This career guide provides women workers and workforce professionals with information on hiring needs and challenges, training and entrepreneurship opportunities, and in-demand and emerging jobs in green industries.


“Trauma-Informed Care for Women Veterans Who Have Experienced Homelessness”

In addition to providing a thorough overview of women veterans concerns, the guide helps agencies with a self-assessment tool that identifies areas where an organization can grow to improve services and positive outcomes for women veterans. Here’s the link to the guide, as well as to an online training about how to utilize it:


The Women’s Bureau’s website is also a rich place for other statistics or information you might need related to equal pay, workplace flexibility or vulnerable women workers: